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This is awesome great work.


Thank you!
(an update with new levels might be coming soon ;) )


I love the presentation. Great atmosphere and the "glitched" visual effects are super nice.

Is this a homage to "bit Generations: Dotstream" on the Gameboy Advance?

Thank you!  
Yes, I love the bit generations series, I own most of them on the GBA, they're rare little gems. 
My game does indeed take great inspiration from Dotstream although I'd like to think I'm bringing some dynamism to the original formula, gameplay-wise.


Love the style :)

Thank you! :)


I played the game, it's pretty cool. I don't understand what's the point of this, but sure it's a good 10 mins of gameplay. I noticed that the character dashes back and forth a bit too much when riding near another one's trail AND being in that area that slows you down. GG anyways.

The point is to deliver an atmosphere and good gameplay. ;) I do need to add more tracks and variety in the endless mode.  
I'm not sure what you mean by the dash back and forth, though. Could you possibly mean the camera shake? Cause That's something I need to work on, still.

Thank you for your feedback! 

Yes, i meant the camera shake. Thanks for replying. And yes, the game delivered a good amount of atmosphere!

HELP I CANNOT PLAY! the screen doesnt fit no matter what resolution i set it too, i cannot presss options n stuff because of that text box in the way!

Thanks for downloading the demo and sorry to hear you're having trouble with it.
What platform are you on?
What is your native resolution?
What text box?

im on windows 10, 1943x1300

ive set it to 800x900 yet resizing doesnt move the text box to fix the screen, the bottom text box that appears in character select

Thank you for following through!  
I can't seem to reproduce your problem.  
Could you take a screenshot?