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Muzakotron-8b is a standalone piece of procedurally generated monophonic music.  

It picks a BPM, a key and scales and never stops. It does transitions and randomization on the go indefinitely (well, supposedly).  

It's got 2 melodic parts : bass and lead. Both made of 3 oscillators of varying shapes and some filtering. 
It's also got a couple noise based channels for the rhythmic section (kick, snare and hats). 

And custom made animations reminiscent of NES-era games.

The "INSERT COIN" button resets the whole thing.  
If you press escape, it quits.

That's it.  

The generated music can be used for anything and anywhere, including streaming and youtube, with the sole and categoric exception for NFTs. It's not sample-based so it shouldn't trigger any DMCA or anything. 
Credit would be nice, though.


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Muzakotron-8b-Windows.zip 18 MB
Muzakotron-8b-OSX.zip 21 MB
Muzakotron-8b-Linux.zip 19 MB


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Thanks for this awesome application. Excellent for the muzak of the shops in a RPG game.

Plus, the retro game visualization is a very nice  additional touch.

Thank you! I'd love to see what you end up doing with it, please share if you can! :)


Will do!